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Is Creativity The Skill For The Future?

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Interview to Bernd Fesel, CEO of the European Creative Business Network and representative of the ICE, winning consortium of KIC on Culture & Creativity.

Materahub is partner of the KIC consortium, key actor of the working group on competences and in charge of the mapping of all the training opportunities designed for cultural and creative professionals, in line with the experience of the Pact for Skills and Cyanotype. Furthermore Materahub is part of various tables on the role of cultural and creative industries for facing contemporary challenges, to rebrand residual territories and reactivate rural areas.

On 23 June 2022, the Governing Board of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) announced the winners of the new Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) on Culture & Creativity, which sums up to the already existing eight Communities: climate, digital, energy, health, raw materials, food, manufacturing and urban mobility.

The Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KIC) are the most ambitious project promoted by the European Union to support the innovative capacity of our continent. To better understand the unprecedented emphasis placed on the role of the Cultural and Creative sector and the operative functioning of the program we interviewed Bernd Fesel, CEO of the European Creative Business Network and representative of the ICE – Innovation by Creative Economy, the winning consortium constituted by 52 universities, enterprises, associations and investors from 20 European countries, among which Materahub.

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I What is the KIC for the ICC about?

II How can we define creative-based or creative-driven innovation?

III What is the KIC concretely going to do? What do we have to expect?

IV Will other museum/cultural institutions and enterprises be able to participate in the running? How?

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